2021 Embase: Excerpta Medica (EMED) Reload News

The Embase: Excerpta Medica (EMED) database has been reloaded to implement the new 2021 Thesaurus Tool.

Changes in the new thesaurus:

     Emtree terms improvement:

     Emtree Terms Changed in May 2021:

Complete details on changes of the new thesaurus are available here:

In addition, Ovid has made the following changes:

1 New Field

Label   Field Name   What's New
KF   Keyword Heading Word  

The Keyword Heading Word (KF) index allows you to retrieve every Keyword Headings defined by the authors that include a particular word. Do this by searching a single word in the Keyword Heading Word (KF) field.

1 Changed Field

Label   Field Name   What's New
KW   Keyword Heading  

The Keyword Heading (KW) field contains keywords defined by the author of the article. To retrieve every Keyword Heading that includes a particular word, search for the word in the Keyword Heading Word (KF) index.

1 Updated Limit

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Reload News last updated September 13, 2021.